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Online Platform for Advertising

Advertisers can just login to our system and advertise their products.

Value Added Feedback

Know how many people saw your advertisement and take crucial business decisions.

Intelligent Advertising

Target your advertisement based on location, time, gender and age of the audience.

Free Consultation

Free consultation for business decision making for small and medium scale businesses.

Time Saver

With a simple click of a button you can advertise anywhere in a very small time.

Easy To Use

Simple and easy to understand for users.


An innovative IOT solution to revolutionize the whole concept of advertising in public places with digital signage. The Intel micro processor based hardware stack connects all the digital signage around the globe to a single network.

5 Reasons To Use AMPLUS


Online Advertising

Most of the digital signage are not inter-connected. To put content to them, people have to physically go there and put content through flash drives. If you are an ordinary shop owner who wants to put up an advertisement, you have to go in search for the owners of the display or the company who owns it. Send them your advertisements manually and get it done after tiresome hours and hours of calls and negotiations. The process is indeed lengthy.


Realtime Feedback

There is no feedback for the advertisement you spend your money for as an advertisement. You don’t even know how you advertisement is performing, how many people really saw it, how people’s reactions are to the advertisement. There is no direct feedback whatsoever.


Target Advertising

Advertisers cannot target their products according to the target audience of the advertisement. May be you are selling a “Gillete razor” targeting males, but there is not clear cut way of targeting the advertisement to men if the advertiser puts it out in a digital display in public. Further you might see in many public places, advertisements which are not suitable for children are being played when there are lots of children watching the advertisement. There is a small issue right?


Low Cost

High cost involved in digital signage advertising for advertisers as well as for signage companies due to the lack of business model innovation in the industry.


Intelligent Advertising

Digital signage are not intelligent. They play the advertisements which are fed to them continuously in a cycle most of the time.


1st Place & Best Innovation

Google I/O Hackathon 2015

Merit Award

National Best Quality ICT Awards

1st Place

Yarl Geek Challenge 2015

1st Place

Ideamart Mora Hack 2015

Top 10 in WORLD

Big Pitch Challenge
Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016

Top 20 Engineering Products in the World

International Technology Summit (ICAMES) 2016

2nd Place

World Finals | Innovation
Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016

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